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Aerokyn mask FFP2 - flat fold (duckbill) View larger

Aerokyn mask FFP2 - flat fold (duckbill)


Aerokyn mask FFP2 / flat fold (duckbill)

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FFP2 type, flat fold (duckbill) respiratory protection maskfor single use, with ear loops.Without valve

Disposable respirators : Disposable respirators that filter particles, and are commonly known as respiratory protection face masks, protect their wearers against solid and liquid aerosols.
For whom are they intended?
- Health-care professionals coming into contact with suspected or confirmed cases of flu.
- Recommended for the healthy population in the event of a flu pandemic, such as bird flu.
- Workers in various industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, agro-food etc

- Highly comfortable breathing.
- Optimal coverage of the face.
- Fits all face shapes.
- Adheres well to the face thanks to the thermo sealed elastic ties.
- Soft inside lining.

APPLICATIONS: individual protection equipment (IPE).
- All industrial sectors.
- Hospital departments in which the personnel require protection against inhalation of air-borne infectious agents or droplet infection (avian influenza, tuberculosis etc...).
- Persons in contact with patients with H1N1 influenza.

Aerokyn, the benchmark hospital supplier, has developed a range of surgical and medical face masks to meet the needs of physicians and other health-care staff, as well as those of the general public. Aerokyn supplies a range of high filtration masks suitable for procedures carried out in hospitals, clinics and non-hospital practices.
Aerokyn also offers solutions for needs of the industrial, hygiene and security sectors. Aerokyn is an innovator in the field of face masks, and has designed new types of face masks both in anticipation of and response to market demand, and now supplies masks for children, and for the general public, for sale in high-street pharmacies.

Our range of surgical face masks includes:
-Very high filtration, type-IIR surgical face masks with ear loops or laces for adults.
- Very high filtration, type-II surgical face masks with ear loops or laces ties for adults.
- Very high filtration, type-II surgical masks with ear loops for children (1 - 5 years and 6 - 14 years).
- High filtration, type-I, surgical masks with ear loops and a visor.
- High filtration, type-I, surgical masks with ear loops.
- Care masks.
- Visitors masks.
- Very high-filtration, type-II, surgical masks with ear loops for the general public.
Technical specifications - Standard EN 149: 2001 Filtering half-masks to protect against particles.
- Thermo sealed polypropylene mask.
- 4-ply.
- Latex-free,without valve, odourless.
- Nose clip to prevent fogging for glasses wearers and to improve mask adhesion.
- Recommended wearing time: 4 hours.
Packaging: Dispenser box of 20 masks. Carton of 20 boxes

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