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Powdered vinyl exam gloves

For all those who want a very good glove and who do not support latex, Sensinyl is a good alternative. This single use ambidextrous glove, made of polyvinyl chloride (PVc), offers remarkable qualities for a vinyl glove.

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Single use powdered vinyl gloves

Benefits :


Easy and quick gloving.

Tactile sensitivity: smooth surface, excellent grip.

Tear-resistant rolled edge.

Very low allergic risk: total absence of latex and low dusting.



Technical characteristics :

Composition: PVC - latex free.

Powdering: corn starch.

Feature: disposable.

Color: translucent.

Compliance: European Directive 93/42 / EEC

Class I

Compliant with regulations for contact with foodstuffs *.

EN 455-1 / EN 455-2 / EN 455-3 / EN 374-1 / EN 374-2


* Refer to the technical sheet to find compatible substances.


People allergic to latex.

Routine care acts.

Emergency services, nurses, doctors, dentists ...

Use in laboratories but with short-term contact with chemicals.

Food industry and industries like printing, electronics ...

An alternative to latex,
a particularly economical formula for use   

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