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Nitrile gloves with ultra-long powder-free single-use cuffs

Its originality lies in a particular manufacturing technology which uses a synthetic material, derived from Nitrile. Nitriskin does not contain latex or powder, which are sources of allergies. In addition, this disposable glove is a very effective protective barrier against puncture and a variety of chemicals.

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400 mm powder-free nitrile examination glove. 

Note that the powder-free examination gloves have very good tolerance in contact with hydro-alcoholic solutions

Benefits :

Excellent protective barrier.

Easy gloving.

Softness and superior tactile comfort.

Superior resistance to abrasion and puncture.

Less sweating than with rubber (latex).


Insensitive and not very reactive to chemicals.


Total protection of the forearms.

Absence of allergies linked to the presence of latex or powder.



Technical characteristics :

Composition: nitrile - latex free.

Feature: disposable.

Blue color.

Compliance: European Directive 93/42 / EEC

Class I

Compliant with regulations for contact with foodstuffs *.

EN 420 / EN 455-1 / EN 455-2 / EN 374-1 / EN 374-2

ISO 10993-10 (non-irritant and sensitizing).


* Refer to the technical sheet to find compatible substances.


People allergic to latex and powder.

Routine acts, emergency, sterilization and endoscopy service.

Use in laboratories.

Food industry and industries such as printing, electronics ...

Areas where high tightness is desired.

Acts requiring optimal protection of the forearms

Elasticity and resistance superior to the latex glove.
The most complete protection

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