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Sensitex - Non sterile powdered latex gloves View larger

Sensitex - Non sterile powdered latex gloves

Non sterile powdered latex gloves

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Device for all medical examination, care, contact with infected products, all sector of industry.
Disposable and non sterile powdered latex gloves.This ambidextrous glove, latex, is one of the great success of LCH.
Its quality, conform with European and International Standards, meets the requirements for several years to millions of users.
Grip and easy adjustments, rolled edge cuff. High sensitivity glove ensuring a feeling of touch for better precision acts.Textured non-slip grip for easy handling for requiring delicate and precise acts
Pure latex, waterproof and resistant.
Packaging: Carton of 10 dispenser boxes of 100 gloves Technical specifications - Class: : 1
- Type and color : Milky white (C:C)
- Characteristics: : Ambidextrous
- Coating: polymerization
- Composition: : Natural latex
- Interior powder : corn starch
Conformity : European Directive 93/42/EEC
- In accordance with the regulation on food contact
- Standards :
EN 455-1 : testing for freedom from holes
EN 455-2 : testing for physical properties
EN 455-3 : biological evaluation
Quality level : AQL1.5
Dimension 240 X 70

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